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Print Design
& Photo



Visual concept & branding

The owner of the “Sophie de Montblanc” atelier of design artwork and décor needed a new visual identity that would make her hand-painted and screen printed artwork come to life.

Together, we decided to use the artist’s beloved colour red as main colour for the logo. We presented the décor pieces through textured printing and paper solutions in order to create a red thread to the textured, patterned play of the design artwork. 

We designed two versions of contrasting business cards, that were printed on highly textured paper using raised screen-printing technique. The look was carried on to the product sales brochure and the product catalogue.

Sofie De Montblanc | Branding |  VJS Agency

booklet design & look-book photography

print & digital versions

We produced a beautiful series of photographs showcasing individual wall-lights and wall-lights in interior arrangements. The photographs were then used for a 5-fold double side booklet design. A digital version of the booklet was added for online use.

Sofie De Montblanc | Print Design |  VJS Agency