AND NOW YOU SLEEP. Products for better sleep and rest


And Now You Sleep – a Copenhagen based company that develops functional and aesthetic products to ease insomnia, stress and anxiety and introduce calmness and inner peace to your life.
And Now You Sleep
And Now You Sleep | Sleeping Products E-shop Design

Visual concept, website & E-commerce

More than anything else, this website needed to be an online embodiment of the magnificent And Now You Sleep showroom in Copenhagen – a full universe around sleep and rest. To top all that, we have paired the serene, quiet and calming aesthetics of the website with bespoke functionality. Such as a sleep credit (purchase reward) system, dual language and currency system, a user account with multiple features, a blog function, and locally popular payment methods for an even better user experience.

And Now You Sleep | Sleeping Products E-shop Design

Web design

The Quiet space

We took design and color inspiration form stunningly beautiful look-book photographs, and the visual patterns used in the product collection. These elements have dictated a color combination of light beige, pale cerulean and white. We have, as well, invited an airy, slightly unconventional layout design to create a more unique character to the overall look-and-feel.

responsive design

We made sure And Now You Sleep website content flows smoothly across all screen resolutions and sizes, and looks great on all devices. As well as, makes it easy to shop even on your mobile phone. Responsive design is a very important element of the modern web design practice. Responsive design improves the user experience, sales results, and increases the visibility of your website on Google.

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