VIPA. National promotional institution


New logo, stationary and presentation design for VIPA National promotional institution in Lithuania.
Public Investment Development Agency of Lithuania (VIPA)
Visual Identity, Print Collateral Design for VIPA

Visual concept & RE-branding

We worked hand-in-hand with the team from PUBLIC INVESTMENT DEVELOPMENT AGENCY OF LITHUANIA to create the new visual identity for the agency. It had to be modern and dynamic while also communicating the credibility and expertise of the agency. Furthermore, the logo had to preserve the traits of current identity in order to maintain brand recognition in the public development market.

Logo, Visual Identity, Brandbook for VIPA

business cards

pure minimalism

In order to transmit the practical, straightforward character of the public investment agency, we chose a minimalist, uncluttered style with a “full-bleed” color background.

Brand identity

The minimalist design, the dynamic lines and the “full-bleed” color backgrounds are continued throughout the design of the branded identity items – flyers, gift bags, pencils, company envelopes and notepads.


Information design & infographics

We designed infographics and print layouts to clearly and effectively present the agency and the financial instruments available to potential applicants for guarantees and loans.


ppt presentation

We created a power point presentation template for the keynote information mostly used by employees of the Public Investment Development Agency. We designed, optimized and visualized written information by turning it into graphs and infographics to make the key messages stand out.


Financing schemes, previously presented in a bullet points, needed a clearer and more visual presentation. We created scheme flow infographics to show the entire financing process. The infographics were used in printed brochures and in PowerPoint presentations in an animated form.

Infographics design | VIPA
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