FOOD BALANCE. Fit-fast-food restaurant


Logo and visual identity for a fit-fast-food restaurant and well-balanced meal package provider based in Kaunas, Lithuania.
Food Balance
Logo, Visual Identity, Brandbook for Food Balance


A restaurant located in Kaunas Old Town, Lithuania, offers nutritious breakfast, lunch and dinner in a cosy environment as well as food to take-away. In addition, Food Balance offers all-day nutrition plans consisting of 3 to 6 meals a day. Company destroys the myth that eating healthy is boring or tasteless – offers new flavours and new combinations every day.

Target Audience

Food Balance focuses on men and women, between the ages of 24-55. The income level is medium or higher. They are educated, interested in healthy lifestyle and nutrition, and can be athletes concerned with their body lines and health. The ones trying to lose or gain weight. Active people who are looking for a solution to control their diet, to eat wholesome food but do not have the time or skills to do it right.

Logo, Visual Identity, Brandbook for Food Balance

The brief

The main goal was to re-design company logo and to develop a visual identity and brand book that creates a clearer brand character among its target audiences and differentiates them in a crowded marketplace.

It was noticed that the services are mostly chosen by middle or upper-income people. Plus, the brand was missing uniqueness amongst competitors in the local area. Thus it was decided not to refresh but to completely re-conceive its visual identity – to create a new logo, change the name and brand image to maintain focus on the higher-end consumers. We aimed for a upscale, trustworthy, helpful, minimalist, down-to-earth brand image.

Logo, Visual Identity, Brandbook for Food Balance

Logo design

Concept. The new Food Balance logo is a minimalist, combination mark consisting of a symbol followed by a word mark and a subtitle. The use of the classic serif font in the title conveys a sense of aesthetics, elegance, and trustworthiness. Submitting the subtitle in bold, sans-serif typeface creates a contemporary atmosphere. The logo icon is the interlaced company initials ‘FB’, symbolizing balance and harmony.

Colours. Working with Food Balance, we established a neutral colour scheme which was inspired by the natural, earthy tones reflected in the interior of Food Balance. In addition, it is a feature of uniqueness that sets the company apart from its competitors, where mostly cold colours, especially light green, are used. We solved the challenge of giving the brand a sophisticated, solid and welcoming personality.

Food Balance logo concept
Food Balance logo
Food Balance logo


Together we developed a brand style guide to explain Food Balance’s visual identity and describe brand standards, that ensure the logo is applied consistently and that fonts, colours and overall visual identity are harmonious across all marketing and communications materials. The guidelines include an overview of the brand’s personality, key values, vision, mission; a brief description of the target audience; Logo meaning and guidance on logo usage; Colour palette with colour breakdowns for print, screen and web; Typestyle, showing the specific fonts that should be used and details of the font families; Image and photography style; Iconography.


The unique identity of Food Balance was carried through to the Menu and Gift Card design with the branding elements that were consistently used to create recognition. In this print collateral, we used Food Balance’s photographs of deliciously presented food as key elements, carefully integrating minimalist typography to help create the best first impression possible.

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