GOOD FOOD MOOD. Balanced meals and meal kits


Logo, visual identity, print collateral and website for a healthy fit-fast-food meal package provider.
Good Food Mood
Good Food Mood | Balanced Healthy Meals | Website Design

About the client

Good Food Mood offers healthy and balanced meals and meal kits. The company has a special APP where customers can choose and order individual meals, create an individual diet plan or simply order a recommended plan for the whole week, and receive meals directly to one’s home or office throughout Lithuania. The packaging in which the food is packed is completely environmentally friendly and easily degradable in nature, which is one of the advantages of Good Food Mood over its competitors.

Good Food Mood | Balanced Healthy Meals | Website Design

Concept & Logo design

The founder of Good Food Mood reached out to us with a request of a brand identity for his newly established business. We started with a logo design, then created a color palette, selected brand typeface, developed a visual style guide for the brand, designed a bunch of communication materials. We worked on their WordPress website and we have created user interface design and user experience (UI/UX) for the APP.

The logo had to incorporate a couple of avocado characters.  We used a fortunate placement of letters “OO” in words Good Food and replaced them with stylized avocado drawings. This made the lettermark compact and playful. A cheerful, adventurous, smiling mascot is there to deliver the message of delicious, quality and energizing food. A tasty food gives you good mood.

Good Food Mood | Balanced Healthy Meals | Logo Design
Good Food Mood | Balanced Healthy Meals | Logo Design
Good Food Mood | Balanced Healthy Meals | Logo Design

visual identity & brand book

Branded colors of Good Food Mood were inspired by avocado fruit. An extremely vibrant yellow-green reflects youth, fun, happiness. Meanwhile, dark green symbolizes confidence and trust, which are the core features and values of the Good Food Mood brand. Black complements the visual identity with solidity, and light gray with neutrality, minimalism and cleanliness. 

What comes to typeface, sans-serif font family that we have selected, reflects stability, reliability and neutrality. In branded communication tools it is ideal for displaying both body text and headlines.

We developed a brand style guide that ensures the logo is applied consistently and that fonts, colors and overall visual style are harmonious across all mediums.

print & content design

The unique identity of Good Food Mood reflects in the business cards, invoice, flyer, labels, packaging, email template design with the branding elements that were consistently used to create recognition. For this print collateral, we used brand pattern that we designed as key element, carefully integrating minimalist typography and dynamic layout to create that vibrant and fresh look.


Speaking of the website, we wanted to convey the energetic, uplifting and friendly side of the brand. We achieved that by using soft, rounded, wavy shapes, brand pattern elements and carefully-crafted illustrations.

The main two objectives of the site is: to let users learn more about the company and its offerings, and to present the Good Food Mood APP. Main Call-to-Action here is encouraging users to download and try the APP themselves.

Good Food Mood | Balanced Healthy Meals | Website Design

website features

We have also incorporated a blog platform into the website, where Good Food Mood will be able to share various health tips, recipes and news with their site users.

We managed to encompass all this into one easy-to-manage, SEO, tablet/ mobile friendly custom designed website on the WordPress platform.

APP UI/UX design

We designed user interface (UI) and worked on user experience (UX) for the APP of Good Food Mood. The APP lets users order meals online and create their own individual diet plan using a Calorie Calculator. This tool consists of quite a few questions, therefore our challenge was to make the presentation of those as visually pleasing and user friendly as possible.

As for all visual identity elements, we were striving for a clear and straightforward, clean and uncluttered design with a splash of energy and dynamics.

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