IPRA. An international personnel recruitment agency

Logo and website design for an International Personnel Recruitment Agency (IPRA) based in Lithuania.

about the client

IPRA is an International Personnel Recruitment Agency working with partners in the sector of purchasing, processing, administration and other services of secondary raw materials, which are located all over the world. Thus the agency is constantly looking for new and motivated individuals to become professionals in these areas of business.


Logo design

IPRA logo had to be modern and dynamic while also communicating the credibility and strong professional ethics of the agency.

We designed a combination mark, consisting of an abstract symbol and a typesetting. The symbol represents the recruitment process, choosing one out of many candidates.

Speaking of colors, the client requested deep dark blue as the primary color of the brand. We paired it with a pastel green to add a touch of freshness and lightness to the visual identity.


website design

In order to transmit the practical, straightforward character of the international personnel recruitment agency, we chose a minimalist, uncluttered style with a combination of full-bleed colour and photo background and white clean areas, clearly separating one section from the other.


Website design

The business has two target audience types – people who are looking for a job (B2C), and companies (B2B) that would like to find and hire their talent using services that IPRA has to offer.

For the job-searching users of the site, we have developed a blog, where IPRA shares articles, expertise and advice on finding a job, getting along with colleagues, or dealing with the issues in a workplace.

We have also developed a powerful job listing system with filtering and categorization, where candidates can apply for job positions and learn more about the company that offers the position. The listing system is easy to use and maintain on the back-end, since we have prepared a usage guide for IPRA team with written and video tutorials.

Website features

The website of IPRA was develop using the WordPress content management system. All pages are responsive meaning they look good on all devices – from desktop to mobile.

LIVE DEMO: https://ipra.lt

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