ORALTEND. Dental care product retailer


Logo design and landing page/e-commerce website design and development for a dental care product retailer.
OralTend | Dental care | Logo design + Website building


OralTend start-up founders have a mission – to make affordable and convenient dental care products accessible to everyone. At the moment, the company is offering multi-functional sonic oral cleaner, which is seen to be a highlight of their product range, now and in the future.

OralTend | Dental care | Logo design + Website building


Since OralTend is a start-up company, we have started with a logo design first. The team had a vision of a minimalist and elegant combination for a logo. As a next step, we were to design a website with e-commerce function. It needed to have elegant and clean aesthetics, clear product presentation and seamless online purchase experience.

Logo and colours

We have designed a minimalist logo combining an abstract symbol and a brand name. A rounded sans serif font that we used, helps to maintain contemporary and elegant look of the logo and adds a touch of warmth to it.

The main colors of the brand include a warm light brown / nude and a dark green, which is synonymous with stability, harmony, and balance, and makes it the perfect basis for creating elegant and refined appearance. The secondary color pallet of light green shades have a fresh and calming effect. The logo package contains three logo variations to ensure flexibility in all applications.


We have build a bespoke website with an e-commerce system on the WordPress CMS. The main objective was to highlight the main product of the company, and concisely present its various features. We used different schemas and widgets to present the information to achieve the desired results.

OralTend | Dental care | Logo design + Website building
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