MEMORY TREE. Eco-friendly pet urns


Minimalist logo design, visual identity development and website design for a brand offering environmentally-friendly pet urns which eventually grow into a tree.
Memory Tree
Memory Tree | Website Design, Logo, Visual Identity and Brandbook


Contributing to the Sustainable Future of the Planet

Memory Tree has created an urn for pets, that decompose naturally when buried in the soil and turns cremated remains of a pet into a tree, as a way for a pet to be remembered by. Memory Tree urn is made of Eco-friendly and biodegradable materials and has a distinct upper part – a decorative concrete ring that wraps around the tree’s trunk.

While traditional urns are often forgotten, losing their meaning and symbolism, Memory Tree urn not only emphasizes remembrance of precious memories of a pet that have past away, but also contributes to the positive changes affecting our planet by increasing the amount of oxygen and reducing the amount of carbon dioxide in the earth, and by actively reducing the negative effects of a traditional burial.

The logo brief

While Memory Tree is a complete start-up, we were tasked with a logo design and visual identity development first, of course. The team desired to have a warm, friendly, minimalist and trustworthy combination mark as well as harmonious visual identity, that would be explicit among its target audience. To make sure all brand elements, such as logo, colours, brand typefaces are applied consistently across all communication and marketing materials, we needed to prepare a brand book with a set of rules, which would help Memory Tree build credibility and recognition as they grow.

The logo design solution

Memory Tree logo turned out to be a minimalist combination mark consisting of a symbol and a verbal part. The decorative, Old Style font, with rounded serifs, conveys a sense of warm memories, friendliness, closeness, respect and aesthetics. The logo symbol – the silhouette of the heart and the tree growing from it surrounded by a circle – symbolizes the cycle, continuity, eternal life, preservation of memories, love and harmony.

The logo communicates the message that gracious memories of beloved animals always remain in our hearts and growing a Memory Tree not only keeps those memories alive but also helps maintain the essential connection between wildlife and nature.


The colour duo of the logo includes a refreshing green, symbolizing nature, young tree, growth, along with dark green that signifies the earth and ground. The colours of the logo embody naturalness and reflect the caring and friendly nature of the brand. Finally, the logo has even different 5 layouts to ensure flexibility in application.


We developed brand guidelines to explain Memory Trees’ visual identity and demonstrate brand standards, which will help every future designer and marketer, as well as new employees or partners, present Memory Tree brand consistently and clearly. The brand book covers visual aspects of the brand – All about the logo (concept, variations, colour usage, Dos and DONTs, etc.); Branded colour palette; Typography & hierarchy; Imagery selection and style; Branded iconography – as well as Brand info (Mission, vision, key values; Brand concept; Target audience definition)

Memory Tree | Website Design, Logo, Visual Identity and Brandbook


As the Memory Tree team required a customized online store we decided it will be best to develop it using the WordPress content management system. Having a brand book with all recommendations on visual identity on hand had saved us loads of time, and helped us to stay on-brand.

Website needed to be minimalist, elegant, uncluttered, clear and straightforward to everyone, with the goal to create an approachable, helpful and expert company image. In regards to the features of the website, it had to enable users to buy the product online, have the option to pick up the urn from pick-up points, reach out to the company via the contact form. Furthermore, the site needed to be multilingual, have customized checkout and product pages and be SEO-optimized.


Memory Tree | Website Design, Logo, Visual Identity and Brandbook

Packaging Design

In addition, we have designed a on-brand, clean and minimalist product box for Memory Tree. We presented the brand vision on the back wall and the advantages and features of the products on the side walls. The front of the box (where it opens) is prompted by a main logo with a slogan. The top of the box was distinguished from all the others by full-bleed colour.

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