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Logo, print collateral and website design for a real estate investment boutique based in Ohio, USA, that provides exceptional rental properties in desirable communities. 
Greenwood-Forty & 10th
Website Design and Building for GF10, Property Investments and Rentals Boutique


Greenwood-Forty & 10th is a real estate investment boutique, based in Cleveland, Ohio. In regards with short-term services, GF10 provides a variety of exceptional fully furnished accommodations from contemporary apartments and lofts in or near downtown, to homes in thriving neighborhoods close to main attractions, that can be an excellent alternative to hotels. Regarding the long-term – GF10 seeks to reposition undervalued assets into high performing properties that yield great returns.


Logo design

To begin with, we were commissioned to create an original chic minimalist logo. Simple, yet bold and absorbing. One that demands someone’s attention, if for nothing else, for its tasteful artistry.

Logo was designed by taking the prominent characters – GF10 – from the business name, stylizing and using them as an icon of the abstract logo. In this way, a monogram brand-mark was designed that would stand out among the competition. There were also created a variety of layouts for the logo, including ones with and without the tagline, so that company has lots of versatility depending on where their logo is going to be used.

Colours play an important role in the logo design. The primary colour palette consists of two colours: very saturated dark cold bluish cyan and unsaturated light warm orange. For the bare eye, this combination looks like dark green & gold, which gives the logotype an upscale feel, especially when combined with the minimalist, geometric shapes of the typography and symbol.


We have designed printed collateral in the form of business cards and letterhead, which use the same look and feel and convey the same confidence as the website (see below). With the help of these key touchpoints, Greenwood Forty & 10th creates a consistent and professional experience for their target audience, whether interacting with the company online or offline.


For Greenwood Forty & 10th to continue to grow company needed to increase its online presence and become an authoritative resource. Tasteful and classy, which speaks to the calibre of consumers they are targeting, and clean website design and quality content will help to achieve those goals. All this must be created/designed in a particular manner, to maintain a modern, minimalist look and a sophisticated and credible company image.  

Website Design and Building for GF10, Property Investments and Rentals Boutique

WEBSITE deliverables

We have built an easy-to-use, clean and professional website on WordPress CMS. It was rounded out with branded colour palette, consisting of soft and classy colours, minimalist typefaces and shapes that all combine to create a contemporary aesthetic.

The website incorporates all necessary elements – photo galleries, slides and carousels, contact forms. Custom banners and photo retouch was also delivered. Website responds to users’ behaviour and looks good on devices of all sizes. The site includes booking features which will be needed in the future. This covers a filter system for properties based on services/room features, property locator on the map, a reservation module etc. At the end, GF10 received a How-to PDF guide on how to use, maintain and update the website.


Website Design and Building for GF10, Property Investments and Rentals Boutique
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