CURONIAN LAGOON. Coastal region in Lithuania


Unified brand element/logo and visual identity for the region of Curonian Lagoon in Lithuania.
Curonian Lagoon Region
Curonian Lagoon region brand element design + brandbook


Curonian lagoon is a coastal water body which is separated from the Baltic Sea by the Curonian Spit. The southern part belongs to Kaliningrad region of Russia and the other one to Lithuania. Curonian lagoon region has preserved its social and cultural significance and is rich in plenty of unique natural and cultural traits.

From 16th century Curonian coast was mainly inhabited by Kursenieki (Kuršininkai in Lithuanian) –  a Baltic ethnic group nearly extinct today. These local communities had to adapt to the natural environment which was mainly surrounded by water. That’s why fishing was the meaning and basis of their lives, heavy, often frustrating daily labor. Generally speaking, their lifestyle was very distinctive with its own traditions, beliefs, superstitions, and even unique food.


What needs to be created?

Unified brand element / logo of the Curonian Lagoon region (Lithuania).

What should the brand element look like?
The logo must be recognized and well-understood to the majority of the participants in the tourism ecosystem, Curonian region communities.

Who is going to use the logo?
Tourism marketing association, Lithuanian resorts’ association, Curonian region business entities, education and science institutions, tourism services’ providers and communities.

What is the purpose of using the logo?
To promote tourism and fishing exhibitions, fishing ports, fish markets.

What is the goal of a unified brandmark creation?
Unified brand of the region will help to distinguish it among other regions/institutions, will help to form an integral identity, to ensure the coherence of the tourism goods and services offered, and to ensure their visibility and successful marketing.

Logo design

Our challenge here was to puzzle out, what specific object(s) could most accurately represent the whole Curonian lagoon region, as there are many distinct pieces of ethnic heritage left by Curonian people. After some research and extensive sketch work, we have selected an illustrative logo consisting of a few stylized elements that are very important and characteristic of the Curonian coast.

Logo composition

In the end, the logo consists of these elements:

  • Kurėnas – a traditional fishermen wooden flat bottom boat with the Vėtrungė (Curonian pennant) on top. 
  • Ventė Cape Lighthouse – a lighthouse located in a famous Ventė peninsula near the Nemunas Delta (Šilutė district). It is till this day showing the way home for fishermen boats in the lagoon.
  • Fish, which was drawn similar to a brand element of Šilutė district, representing the catch of fishermen and the district itself.
  • Curonian Lagoon, which surrounds the whole region.
  • Fishing net – an indispensable attribute of fishing.

We have chosen to go with a fresh, contrasting color palette – a visual aesthetics very typical of this region. And we went for rounded shapes and lines to create a warm, playful, friendly, inviting and energetic atmosphere.


We have also prepared brand guidelines to explain Curonian Lagoon regions’ visual identity and demonstrate brand standards. This will help the participants in the tourism ecosystem and Curonian region communities to consistently present the brand. The brand book covers:

  • All the information about the logo. Concept, variations, color and logo application guidelines,  photographic backgrounds and color backgrounds recommendations, and etc.
  • Examples of application of the logo on the marketing materials.
  • Branded color palette.
  • Typography & hierarchy.
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