CORDO.22. Restaurant and entertainment complex


Logo, visual identity, print collateral and website design for Cordo.22 – a restaurant and entertainment complex surrounded by nature.
Cordo.22 restaurant

About the client

Cordo.22 is a restaurant and entertainment complex located in Panevėžys city district (Lithuania) by the river, with a nearby beach. Located in a long-standing, now renovated building that used to be a legendary motel “Berželis”. At Cordo.22, the completely renovated and now modern building with large panoramic windows to the natural greenery and plant installations inside creates a close-to-nature atmosphere.

International cuisine, a modern and minimalist approach to things, precision in presentation and quality are the main features of Cordo.22.

Cordo.22 restaurant

Logo design

We worked hand-in-hand with the Cordo.22 team to create a strong brand mark. It had to be unique, elegant and minimalist. We come up with a combination mark which conveys exactly that.

The use of a classic serif font in the name conveys a sense of elegance and timelessness. Presenting the subtitle in a sans-serif minimalist font adds a modern touch to it.. The logo icon is an abstract symbol – a bouquet of three feathers and pine twigs, which is a continuation of the Indritus (mother company) concept. The abstract symbol, with a squares shape around, is placed in and outside of the square. It represents the restaurant’s closeness to nature both outside and inside as well as the idea of being different amongst competitors (being  “outside the box”).

Cordo.22 restaurant logo design and visual identity | VJ.|S Agency

Visual identity & brandbook

We formed a bold color palette and selected typefaces to match the identity of the restaurant. Speaking of colors, the branded red was inspired by the accents in the restaurant’s interior. It is also a feature of the uniqueness and charm that accompanies Cordo.22. The dark forest green certainly represents nature. It is a color of calmness, relaxation, care and service. The pastel colors that complement the palette convey a pleasant and cozy Cordo.22 atmosphere.

In regards to the typefaces, serif font family for headings perfectly conveys the mood of storytelling, creating a heartfelt and an elegant image. The family of sans-serif fonts for body gives the brand a modern and playful tone.

All of this together with correct logo usage, imagery, iconography and other important constituents was added to a brand book of Cordo.22.

brand identity

The minimalist design and the “full-bleed” color backgrounds are continued throughout the design of the branded identity items – business cards, invitation and gift cards, stickers, food and beverage menu, social media post/banners.


We designed a brochure showcasing places of the restaurant that can be reserved for special events along with different table settings, options of food-ware and decorations that can be ordered together with catering.

website design

Website needed to be elegant, lively, modern and welcoming. With this approach in mind, using a dynamic layout throughout the whole site we showcased the spaces of the restaurant, presented menus and signature dishes in an engaging, compelling way.

Cordo.22 restaurant - E-commerce website design | VJ.|S Agency

Website features

In regards to the features of the website, it enables users contact the restaurant using contact forms, book a consultation for a customized event, reserve a table in the desired space of the restaurant and order meticulously prepared dishes online.


responsive site

The website of Cordo.22 was develop using the WordPress content management system. All pages are responsive meaning they look good on all devices – from desktop to mobile.

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