STICKYDOT. Multi-stakeholder engagement in R&I


Stickydot is a Brussels collective that shapes research and innovation through multi-stakeholder engagement and co-creation.

growing business – new website

As Stickydot’s business grew, they needed to update their old website. The old website that the company had was a great starting point while the business was making its first steps, but now the website was taking away more than it was adding up to the business. The communication team was struggling with technology unreliability every time they needed to put out something new, the sales team couldn’t use it in their pitch reference, as the service presentations were incomplete, and the overall visual aesthetics was very far off from the charisma and credibility that the actual business was radiating.
And that’s when we met… It was perfect timing!


Visual concept & website design​

All about people

We worked hand-in-hand with the Stickydot team to create a new website that would authentically reflect the brand character and have robust technical quality. As well, it had to have an easy to use content management system and web structure that would make blogpost, team, and business offer update work almost effortless.

The creative process was guided by the Stickydot brandbook and people-centered nature of companies’ activities. We’ve ended up translating a playful, participatory and fun character of the business into it’s online persona with exactly the same qualities. And we’ve built a light and easy to manage website, that Stickydot team enjoys working with everyday.


responsive design​

We made sure Stickydot website content flows freely across all screen resolutions and sizes, and looks great on all devices. It is a very important element of the modern web design practice. Responsive design improves the user experience and increases the visibility of your website on Google.

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