TELEGRAFAS & DUKES by Grand Hotel Kempinski Vilnius

Modern, minimalist and elegant logo design for the Telegrafas restaurant and Dukes gastrobar by Grand Hotel Kempinski Vilnius. Located in Vilnius city center, capital of Lithuania.
Grand Hotel Kempinski Vilnius

About the client

In the center of Vilnius Old Town, Restaurant Telegrafas is the place for those seeking an elegant dining atmosphere with incredible European gastronomy, offering a subtle balance between history and modernity with a relaxed atmosphere overlooking the picturesque Vilnius Cathedral Square.

The stylish Dukes Gastrobar complements the refined and elegant Telegrafas restaurant. The quiet, relaxing environment surrounds guests who want to taste a variety of dishes created by the professional team of Grand Hotel Kempinski Vilnius.



logo design

Since both the restaurant and gastrobar was renovated and their interior transformed into a much more cozy and elevated space, tailored to welcome visitors every day not just on special occasions, the client decided that it is time to re-design the logos and change the visual aspects of the brands as well. Our goal here was to convey balance between history and modernity, to portray a welcoming, attentive, approachable, knowledgeable brand.

Old Telegrafas wordmark looked outdated and was way too decorative. We took an entirely  different approach and designed a combination mark of symbol/monogram and wordmark with modern, ultra-fine serif font. Color palette was inspired by the color tones of the interior. The logo now reflects the same elegant, warm, welcoming atmosphere but in more subtle and modern way.

dukes gastrobar

logo design

As the name of the bar was changed to “DUKES Gastrobar” (formerly “Le Salon Bar & Lounge”), we have also re-designed it and matched it to the logo style of the Telegrafas Restaurant.

For both Telegrafas and DUKES logo symbols we used arch shapes to resemble the round top arch windows, intermediate door and other decorative elements such as mirrors found in the interior.

Menu design

The menu needed to be clean and ultra minimalist. We wanted to convey a sense of exceptional service and ultimate dining experience through our design work.

For the brand typefaces, we paired two matching font families of modern serif typeface for main headings and sans-serif for body to create modern and aesthetic look. We have also designed the invitation card, the design of which mirrored the look of the other communication materials and created cohesion in the overall visual identity.

Telegrafas Restaurant - Menu design | VJ.|S Agency
DUKES Gastrobar - Menu design | VJ.|S Agency
Telegrafas Restaurant - Menu design | VJ.|S Agency
Telegrafas Restaurant +DUKES Gastrobar - Invitation card design | VJ.|S Agency
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