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Tell William

Visual concept, website design & more ...

We wanted all communication assets to accurately reflect the brand vision that the client had for it’s newly created business. We came up with the creative concept and made it effortlessly flow through all pieces of communication that we worked on. Curious, colorful, light and sleek – the brand image really stays with you for some time.

Our work consisted of brand visual identity, website design, custom illustrations, project offer and service presentation design.


the client has achieved

cohesive brand presence and business goals

Visual assets that we have created, helped to build a cohesive brand presence and contributed to the business goals – provided a solid base for new LinkedIn and email marketing campaign, strengthened credibility, and supported sales conversation and conversion.

responsive design

We made sure Tell William website content flows freely across all screen resolutions and sizes, and looks great on all devices. It is a very important element of the modern web design practice. Responsive design improves the user experience and increases the visibility of your website on Google.

design of the project offer

pure minimalism

The project offers, designed to be used by Tell William sales team, were made to look on brand, easy to read, and easily adjustable. They really stand out from all the other offers that Tell William clients receive.


ppt presentation design

We created a power point presentation template. It helps Tell William sales crew make new presentations according to their prospective clients interest. It has colorful and playful aesthetics that carries through all Tell William visual assets.

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