THE LIBRARY. Business center in Brussels


“I am a member” campaign for The Library – a unique business center in Brussels, Belgium. It is famous for it’s high quality, personalized service and an exquisite Scandinavian style.
The Library Group
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Visual concept, illustration, print design & digital material

This time, our beloved client, The Library Group, was launching a full scale campaign to honer existing, and welcome new members. As well as, to make sure that every communication item they put-out online, or in personal interaction, conveys what a day at the office feels like when you are a member at The Library business center. “I Am A Member” campaign was born.

We made every detail of the campaign come to life – from visual concept, to business cards and illustrations, branded business gifts, presentational and sales materials, to digital marketing assets, and even a video to present the brand.

Custom Illiustrations

We needed to find a way for everyone, who has not visited one of The Library buildings yet, to know how beautiful, Brussels-specific and unique they are. So we have created illustration of The Library houses with a very specific character to each of them. They were further used in newsletter design and communication materials.

The Library | Illiustration design

Newsletter design

A monthly newsletter that is sent out by The Library needed to be as elegant and Scandinavian-style exquisite as the brand itself, so we did just that.


booklet design

The Library needed an informational booklet that people would love to pick-up and share with others. So we came up with small, cute, pocket-sized booklet centered around the business mood images. The client is using it as a welcome souvenir for everyone they meet, and has placed it around all three business centers as a little branded interior accessory.

Business Cards & notebooks

We have custom designed and custom printed beautiful, textile & screen-print cover notebooks with The Library interior photograph on the inner spreads – hereby creating a perfect backdrop for a personal dedication to new members. Notebooks were paired with elegant, letterpress, hand printed business cards in the same hues of The Library brand blue. This perfect set welcomes every new business center member.

Print Design | The Library Group
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