THE LIBRARY Business Centre


A booklet to present the members & showcase the ambience of this unique business centre in Brussels. Concept, print design & portrait photography for the “Where people and ideas come together” campaign.
The Library Business Centre
Portrait Photography | VJS Agency


The Library Group was in need of a communication tool that would reflect the unique approach, ambiance and community feeling that can be found in their coworking spaces.

We offered the client to communicate the brand through The Library’s existing members to demonstrate how the coworking spaces are platforms to meet like-minded people and refine, grow and merge ideas.

The result was an eye-pleasing flip-through booklet with stories about people and ideas that come together at The Library Group.

Print Design | The Library Group
Print Design | The Library Group
Print Design | The Library Group


Our mission was to capture the uplifting, inspiring, warm and charismatic characteristics of Liesbeth Dillen and convey it through her website.

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