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Logo design, website design as well as UI/UX design for a Dubai-based spent catalytic converters and electronic waste recycling company.
Trading Peaks
Trading Peaks | Catalyst and E-waste Recycling | Website design

About the client

Trading Peaks purchases scrap automotive catalysts and electronic waste, recovers Platinum Group Metals (PGMs) and then returns them to be used for new products. The company performs sampling, assaying and analysis of the scrap materials at their state-of-the-art laboratory. Trading Peaks is located in Dubai – one of the busiest air, sea and land hubs in the world.

Trading Peaks | Catalyst and E-waste Recycling | Logo and brand design

Logo design

Trading Peaks team reached out to us for a new logo design. We took the the logo design inspiration from the honeycomb monolith of catalytic converter and its cross section, since the main focus of the company is the industrial sector of catalytic converter recycling.

Paired with a sans-serif typeface, the logo conveys characteristics of a trustworthy, transparent, sophisticated and modern company. We have created a few variations of the logo for versatility. That includes horizontal and stacked versions, a stamp logo and variations without the tagline.

website design

We have designed and built the website on WordPress content management system. The site needed to be solid, minimalist, modern and professional looking. With this approach in mind, using a dynamic layout throughout the whole site we presented the company, its services and a few tools that helps users determine the price of their catalytic converters or electronic scrap.

UI/UX Design

We have designed the user interface of a few tools. An online database, where the users are able to search scrap catalytic converters by car brands and serial numbers, and search electronic waste component by categories.

A Comparison Tool, which enables users to determine the return value for the catalyst converters and e-waste. And finally a tracking tool which lets users to follow the processing phases of their submitted material and access grading reports by lot, exact amounts of grading categories and fullness count per shipment.

Trading Peaks | Catalyst and E-waste Recycling | Website design
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