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Web, Brand & Content

Inspirational Speaker, Coach & Business Activator



consept & branding

The client entrusted us to re-design all visual persona of her brand. We, subsequently, created a full set of tools consisting of brand book, logo, business cards, photography and relevant content.


WEB, Brand, Content | VJS Agency | Liesbeth Dillen Brandbook

business cards

Charismatic photo cards

In order to fully communicate the exclusive, charismatic and personal approach of the client, we proposed a new style of business cards with portraits and key business statements. The design mirrored the look of the client’s website and created cohesion in the overall brand management.

WEB, Brand, Content | VJS Agency | Liesbeth Dillen Business Cards
WEB, Brand, Content | VJS Agency | Liesbeth Dillen Business Cards


Our main challenge was to present the new business propositions online in a way that would communicate the specific values and techniques of this client - features that strongly differentiate her from the competition. We also wanted to convey the unique, inspiring, uplifting and warm ambience she inspires at her coaching sessions, workshops and keynotes.

We managed to encompass all this into one easy-to-manage, SEO, tablet/ mobile friendly custom designed website on the squarespace.com platform.


WEB, Brand, Content | VJS Agency | Liesbeth Dillen Website


branding video

Videos are great brand visual assets that beautifully reveal the characteristics of a personal brand. In order to capture and transmit the warmth, the smiles and the inspiration that fills the air, when Liesbeth enters the stage, we decided to create videos of the client in action, giving keynotes and workshops.



Our mission was to capture the uplifting, inspiring, warm and charismatic characteristics of Liesbeth Dillen and convey it through her website.